Our Trainers

   Our trainers are recognized in the industry as exceptional facilitators and coaches. Using their training and management experience, our trainers add value as trainers and coaches. In addition to delivering training, they are frequently engaged as coaches for real deal presentations, one-on-one coaching for people and managers, and larger group conferences. We develop our trainers through a series of biannual workshops, internal newsletters, and quarterly meetings. All of our trainers are skilled at delivering all parts of our fully integrated curriculum.

Our trainers are experienced in training across industries and across levels.

One of the unique training/coaching methodologies we use is called “redirect.”  This is a process in which the trainer stops the action and gives real-time feedback so participants are not only supported in the role play, but it also fosters behavior change by allowing participants to experience the impact of applying the new skills, models, and strategies as they increase their effectiveness.


High degree of commitment & personal attention is given through small batch size and individual counseling.

Hands-on sessions and practice assignments on real life business datasets included to ensure assimilated learning.


We have extensive industry network to facilitate placements for our students.

We also help students to shape their resume and prepare for different type of job interviews.

Our Training Methadology

Our training methodology is based on the premise that participants/adults are not blank slates, and we utilize a process of questioning and generating a dialogue before presenting concepts and models. By doing this vs. lecturing, we gain participant involvement and buy-in before we build models and teach learning points.

We use a combination of case studies, Role plays, games, Interactive activities and Audio Video Clips along with Power point presentation in order to make the process learning 100 % Experimental.

Our Courses

Our courses are crafted by a team of experts to keep you ahead of the curve in industry best practices.

Case study based modules ensure that participants learn practical applications along with the theoretical concepts.

Our Philosophy

We stands for professionalism and quality of service, leading the way with bold new concepts and constantly striving for improved services across all industry sectors.

Our commitment:

  • Quality with Continuous Improvement
  • Cooperation with Service
  • Initiative which Exceeds Customer Expectation
  • Value for Money

Our Team

Our entire staffs including executives, instructors, instructor trainers and curriculum development managers are constantly looking for improvements to our processes and programs. As a result, our clients receive cutting edge technology in their training programs and consultations.

We understand that one size does not fit all, so we work with employers and industry sectors to create tailored development solutions through our customised programs.

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